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Francisco Bianchi

Drawing artist

Francisco Bianchi, "Filipe", "Henrique", "Mateus", "Denis", "Jesse", "Pedro".

Q: Is the medium you use important in portraying your identity as an artist?

A: Since 2016, I’ve been using a blue ballpoint pen to draw. I like the way it flows on paper and I love the color blue, for its calming and relaxing effect, besides being a natural color of the sky and the ocean. I guess it does represent my identity as an artist.

Q: Does being unclothed in a portrait make it sexual?

A: Not at all, I’ve posed naked sometimes and it has never been in a sexual way… it’s a freeing experience. And, as an artist who draws bodies in the nude, sexual notions never went through my spirit. It’s more about normalising the naked body, since we all have our own nudity.

Q: What can a portrait do?

A: It can express the point of view of an artist towards a person or an object. The portrayed can see themselves through the eyes of another person. It can change one’s body awareness and elevate self-esteem.

Q: In addition to the representation of a figure in a particular style, do you also choose a theme in your portraits?

A: I always try to make themes for my drawings, alongside changing schemes and creating series that represent what I’m feeling in that moment. It’s a natural process where I try to put on paper what I’m sensing, what I’m imagining, and what I want to talk about.

Q: Is a portrait a performance?

A: I think a portrait is a performance of an artist while they are doing it. Afterwards, it can be read as a work of art, which can be static, in the eyes of those who see it. Or the viewer can choose to create their own performance, based on what they see on the canvas.


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