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Laurent Champoussin


Laurent Champoussin, "MATT", 2017, 75 x 50 cm; "DAVID OR", 2016, 90 x 60 cm; "TADA", 2014, 90 x 60 cm; "CATHERINE DENEUVE", 2018, 36 x 24 cm; "MOTION SICKNESS", 2013, 60 x 40 cm; "LE RIDEAU", 2018, 60 x 40 cm.

Q: Is a portrait automatically a judgment?

A: Choosing a face isnecessarilya judgment, doing a portrait session is testing this judgment, selecting an interesting image and then showing it is trying to overcome all judgments, to be unreasonable, to become purely instinctive again.

Q: Where would you start if you portrayed me in an image? Light? Form? Color? ...?

A: First by finding a setting that suits me, a travel zone, then thinking about the plan of action: what is the situation? What are the gestures of the model? And concerning me; how to follow these proposals while playing with the elements of light, contours of the scenery?

Once this modus operandi has been established, the session can begin and take us somewhere else, to a more free form.

Q: Does being unclothed naturally give sexual connotations to a person in a portrait?

A: I want to believe that I am not talking about sexuality when I photograph naked bodies. Conversely, I can talk about it when the bodies are clothed, or even without showing a body.

Q: When is a portrait image interesting for you?

A: A portrait becomes interesting from the moment I tell myself that the captured situation exists, that it could have taken place without being photographed, when I find that the gesture and the look are sincere even if they are exaggerated or unnatural.

Q: Is a portrait the transformation from figure to shape, or from shape to figure?

A: The transformation of a figure into a form is something that interests me a lot. For aesthetic reasons, and also because of the story.

This journey towards a kind of almost abstract "disfigurement" is in my opinion what makes it possible to best reveal a face and paradoxically what tells the story of the model and probably a little about me too.


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