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Shen Wei

Photographer & videographer

Shen Wei, "Villefranche"; "Touch"; "Forest"; "T-shirt"; "Smoker"; "Burn".

Q: How do you reveal identity in a portrait?

A: I think identity reveals itself in a portrait.

Q: What is the impact of cheap cameras or instant filters on portraiture in photography?

A: The cameras and software are just tools for making photographs. Their impact depends on how the photographer uses these tools.

Q: Do you agree if I say that by making a self-portrait you heal yourself?

A: It depends on the intention of the artist of the self-portrait. It can also rip open an old wound and heal others.

Q: What is the most important quality to possess as a portrait maker?

A: Communication skills. Being a portrait photographer is like being a psychologist with a camera.

Q: What is the future of portraiture in the journey of the contemporary artist?

A: Throughout history, the aesthetic aspect of portraiture has not changed so much. The medium of portraiture mostly evolved with materials and technology, and it will probably continue to do so in the same way.


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