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Wilfrid Wood


Wilfrid Wood, "Rodrigo Alves", "Madonna", "Adam Driver", "Eamon Holmes", "Juergen Klopp", "Joni Mitchell"

Q: When is a portrait image interesting for you?

A: Interesting portraits are those where the artist has made themselves secondary to the sitter, where they have gone all out to make the subject as individual as possible.

Q: Is a portrait the transformation from figure to shape, or from shape to figure?

A: I like the transformation that occurs when a human being looks at something which is then analysed by their brain, which then sends signals to their hand to move tools around to create a warped version of what they are seeing.

Q: Is a portrait automatically a judgment?

A: I suppose it must be, since no human being is truly neutral in regard to another human being's face.


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